Terminology of the LED flood light

The color of the light intensity changes can be described by the data, this data is called the wavelength. The wavelength of light that we can see is in the range of 380 to 780nm. Unit: nanometer (nm)

Brightness is the degree of light and dark of the objects, defined as the luminous intensity per unit area. Unit: nits (nit)

refers to the brightness of the light source. That means that the visible radiation source in a certain direction and scope given physical strength. Unit: candle (cd)

The sum of the amount of visible light emitted per second. Unit: Lumen (Lm)

Luminous efficiency:
light flux divided by the power source. It is an important indicator to measure the light energy. Unit: lumens per watt (Lm / w).

degree that light reflects of the object presented, which is the degree of color fidelity, which is often called “CRI” units: Ra.

Color temperature:
the color of a light source for emitting light radiation from a blackbody at a temperature at the same hue, the color temperature of the blackbody temperature is called the source color temperature. Unit: Kelvin (k)

the vision has a high brightness of objects or strong brightness contrast, which caused visual discomfort known as glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.

two or more LED lamps normal operation mode at the programmed time, which generally refers to the internal mode of the LED, synchronization is the basic requirements for achieving coordinate changes of the LED lights.

Protection class:
IP protection class is grading the lighting according to their dust, anti-moisture characteristics, which is consisting of two figures, the first number represents the light dust, prevent the invasion of foreign material grade (grade 0-6 points), and the second number represents the lamps against moisture, water intrusion sealing extent (points 0-8 grade), the larger the number is, the higher their level of protection is.

LED Floodlights, the bottom of lamps, chandeliers, lamps and other decorative projection and reflecting the use of LED lighting which can be fully qualified for any occasion, including art galleries, museums, etc. require a higher degree of color spaces.
However, for shopping malls, office buildings and other large-scale facilities, LED ceiling light as the wide range of lighting have been born though, but its directivity (LED chip emits light line, divergence is bad) is too high, resulting in a large area design is difficult in the average illuminance. Lamp type LED lighting arrangement is too dense, with high design costs, which loss of energy savings. Therefore, at this stage decorative purposes occasions, LED lighting is fully available, as a large area of indoor lighting, it is not yet ripe.


Characteristic of LED wall light

LED wall light type and style is various. Generally common is ceiling lamps, color change wall light, bedside wall lamp, and mirror front wall light and so on. Ceiling is normally mounted on multiple balconies, staircases, corridors, hallways and bedrooms, which is suitable for long light; Discolored wall is used for festivals, celebrations adopted; bedside lamp is most mounted in the bed of the top left, lamp can be universal rotation, the beam focus, which is easy to read; before the mirror wall light is more decorative in a nearby restroom.

LED wall light mounting height should be slightly more than eye level about 1.8 meters. Wall illumination should not be too large, so it is with richer artistic appeal. The choice of wall shade should be based on wall color, white or cream-colored walls is suitable to use light green, light blue shade, lake green and sky blue wall, is suitably for white, yellow, brown shade, the background wall covering, dotted with a significant purpose of the wall, giving a fresh and elegant feeling. Connecting wires should be a light-colored, painted with wall color paint to facilitate consistent to keep the walls clean. In addition, the wall can be embedded wire just dig a little trough, the wire embedding, filled with lime, then painted with the same paint wall color.

Mistakes for buying LED lighting

It is understood that in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and growing concerns about the environment and other topics of energy, consumer demand for energy-saving and environmental protection is becoming more healthy and comfortable life. In lighting, the more green, energy-saving, healthy lighting products becoming mainstream in society; while the LED is widely used and has become an inevitable trend for its outstanding performance in energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency and other aspects of life. However, when buying lighting, consumers should note the following points misunderstanding:


1. the wattage of incandescent light and the lumen of LED light.

Positive Solutions: for incandescent, we use usually wattage but not lumens to identify its brightness. For over time, it will affect consumer buying habits of lamps. The technology between Incandescent and LED is different, because the LED luminous efficiency is still evolving; the wattage is not representative of its lumens. Some manufacturers give on the labeling “40W incandescent replacement product” on packaging to help consumers buy.

2. LED power is bigger, the light is brighter.

Positive Solutions: Generally, the brightness of LED light is measured by lumen. LED lamps with different power output, the lumens (lm) is higher, the higher energy-efficient. For example: compared 5W and 6W LED bulb, if lumen output of 5W is higher than that of 6W, then, 5W lamp is actually more energy efficient than 6W.  anty881209wong 140516


The light source characteristics of LED table light

★ Enjoy modern lighting, avoid adverse lighting effects on human health. Experts suggest that when you must use indoor lighting, lighting should be a good grasp of the five principles:
1, using a wide range of lighting, the light should be irradiated to the entire desktop;
2, the uniform illumination, illumination of each part must be consistent;
3, stable lighting, light not too bright or flashing;
4, to maintain adequate lighting;
5 Finally, be careful not light direct to the eye.

★when use illuminated light, you should have a healthy common sense: For example, the best read illumination has a great relationship with age, illumination that elderly need is 15 times than that for the child.

★ Eye high-frequency electromagnetic radiation:
To overcome the flicker 50 Hz fluorescent lights that use 40,000 ~ 55,000 Hz frequency, the high frequency eye protect LED table light is inevitably will bring the power of high frequency electromagnetic radiation. Environmental experts point out that excessive electromagnetic radiation can cause heart palpitations, insomnia, leukopenia, memory loss, and even cause immune function, cardiovascular system, and nervous system damage.
Electromagnetic radiation damage is cumulative, the closer, the lighter weight, the greater the damage subject is. A little more protection, curbing the risk has become a consensus.

★ LED lighting is a green light: low voltage, low power consumption; stable performance, long life (typically 100,000 hours); strong anti-shock and anti-vibration; LED lighting products can provide high-quality light environment, improve efficiency lighting systems, there is no infrared and ultraviolet components, high color and has a strong directional light; good dimming performance, no visual error when the color temperature changes; cold light source, low heat, safe to touch; improve glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution. There are zero flicker, does not make eye fatigue phenomenon. No electromagnetic radiation, to prevent radioactive contamination to protect the brain. It can provide a comfortable space for illumination, but also meet people’s physical health needs, which is environmentally healthy light. For a long-term use, it can protect eyesight and prevent myopia. Disadvantages: 1, expensive. 2, there is a great gap between the theoretical optical efficiency and actual photosynthetic efficiency. 3, there is a big gap between the theory use life (10w hours) and actually life. 4, there are still some heat. 5, the light fades can be greatly reduced.  anty881209wong 140509

Failure cause of LED table light

High-power LED lamp product application is the integration of more than one discipline; many factors affect the products, including high-power LED performance and parameters, industrial design, optical design, thermal design, circuit design, structural design, processing, production technology and other sectors. In the design and production process, you must take full account of the relevant factors; a part of any deviation will affect the performance and effectiveness of the product.

1. High-power LED. LED is a typical green lighting products, as the green lighting products that country promote, high-power white LED light source is an inevitable choice. Its product features are as follows:
◎ High efficiency:
Luminous efficiency high-power LED has more than 100 lm / W, but also because of the LED spectrum is almost concentrated in the visible light spectrum, light efficiency is far greater than that of the incandescent and are catching up with that of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps.
◎ high quality lighting :
Since there are no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, so there is no heat, no radiation, no burden to the human eye, there will not have sore eyes swollen phenomenon for a long time reading or working.
◎good CIR:
Compared with fluorescent lamps, high power LED lamp has a higher color rendering index, which is usually around 80. This helps to reduce eye fatigue, and to protect the eyesight of great help.
◎ Low maintenance costs :
LED is with long life, luminous flux half-life is more than 50,000 hours, normally can be used of more than 30 years. With anti-shock and vibration capability, and is no easily damaged parts tungsten wire, glass and other non- normal “retirement “is unlikely.
◎ Small size:
Lighting can be compact, is more suitable for the use of different places.
◎ with the battery , it is easy to make an emergency lamp lights . When in power outage or emergency situation, it is helpful for people evacuating and lighting.
◎ Green :
Recyclable waste, no pollution, unlike fluorescent lamps contains mercury components.  anty881209wong 140504

The basic element of LED string light

Viewing angle
This refers to the LED components emitting angle of the LED light string, general-purpose SMD LED, SMD LED components angle are 120 degrees. Bigger the Emitting angle is, the astigmatism effect is better, but relative, its brightness is correspondingly reduced. When the viewing angle is small, light intensity is up, but the range of exposure will be reduced. Therefore, another important indicator is assessment the light-emitting angle of LED lights. There are some unscrupulous manufacturers, in order to improve the brightness of light for higher profits, deliberately decreases light angle, so only with slightest mistake, customers will buy such shoddy components.

This refers to the input voltage of LED string lights, commonly used specification is DC 12V, but also plenty of 24V.

Performance and Features
1. LED strings light use imported package chip as light emitting diodes;
2. The emitting angle of LED string light is with larger design, half-width angle> 120 degrees, blending evenly, and no stain;
3. LED string lights use LED special constant power supply, circuit design is constant current loop, performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal life> 50,000 hours;
4.LED string light color consistency is good, colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc.;
5.LED string lights is with convenient installation, after a one-time injection water treatment, water level is up to IP65, plastic parts have installed a card, do not need any accessories, can be installed directly on the hole and fixed in the word;
6. LED string lights can undertake string lights piercing processing;
7. LED strings light may jump through colorful and full color controllers’ colorful, gradient, color, full-color fluttering effects.   anty881209wong 140424

Optional Skills for LED flashlight

LED flashlight is new of a flashlight that use LED (light emitting diode) source. Because of the high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other characteristics of LED, it is ideal for portable lighting.

How to buy high-power LED flashlight (for reference only):
1, the quantity of the LED bead. It should be moderate. Household generally do not have more than 12 LED beads. It is better to use 2 to 3 batteries, and it is a little big waste for more. It may need to set ourselves for other special needs. Of course, High Power LED Flashlight generally is rarely with 12 LED beads.
2, the brightness, good LED flashlight will have high brightness and slow decay.
3, the lamp, in the case of off, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is good or not with the naked eye, but the consistency can be seen in the light of the lamp case.
4, the iris, that of a good LED flashlight is a uniform circular aperture. Light spot of inferior LED flashlight is divided into unevenly distributed yellow and blue. Bulb condenser surface is on one point as possible. This flashlight unlike ordinary flashlight which can adjust the focus, you should be careful not to choose that have astigmatism when purchasing.

Internal structure
1, find whether the soldering is firm. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by soldering, and if there is a bad contact Weld, it may cause bulb does not light or affect the overall use.
2, batteries, there are two type batteries, the lithium and the ordinary, although lithium battery is a rechargeable one, but it has a low life expectancy which is about 2 years while LED life span is about 10 years. You can select according to the actual situation.

External structure
1, waterproof performance. Good LED flashlight has good waterproof, seismic performance, namely ruggedness. Since it belongs to electronics, the front portion has a flashlight circuit board, once the water prone it will short circuit, causing damage.
2, the appearance, you can choose aluminum shell which is nice.
3, the shape, According to the specific use and purpose of the occasion, you can choose the appropriate size of the modest dimensions of the flashlight.  anty881209wong 140418

Precaution of the LED light

1) LED excessive leakage current caused PN junction failure, which make the LED lights are not bright lighting points, which generally does not affect other LED lights work.
2) the internal LED lights connected lead off, causing no LED lamp current generated and the LED doesn’t work. This situation will affect the normal operation of other LED lamps.

Body electrostatic has a great damage on the LED. When working, the worker should wear anti-static clothing, equipped with a wrist strap. Wrist strap should be well grounded, wrist strap which is not grounded anti-static is not good, and it is not recommended to use the kinds of strap products. If the staff violate of the rules, he should receive appropriate warning education, and also play the role of a notice of others. How much static the human body has is related with different fabrics of clothes, and person’s physique. Autumn and winter night, when we undress clothes, we easily seen discharge phenomenon between the clothes, which had three electrostatic discharge voltage kV.

Some companies use manual welding, using a 40-watt ordinary iron, whose soldering temperature cannot be controlled, at temperatures, iron is above 300-400 ℃, too high soldering temperature can also cause dead lights. At high temperatures, LED lead expansion coefficient is several times higher than that at about 150 ℃. Because of excessive expansion, the internal gold spot t contraction of the weld points is opened, causing the death of light phenomena.

Prevent damage
For the long life of LED, it is only respect to more suitable work environment. While two main causes that cause damage to LED lighting are: first, through the electric shock which is that current applied to the LED is over the LED technology Datasheet maximum rated current, including over-voltage caused by excessive electrical shock; another one is overheating damage. But how can we prevent the LED lighting in reality to be damaged?

First, prevent electric shock, prevent over-current transients. Generally, the enormous electric shocks are caused by transient over-current. A direct consequence is the damage of other parts that close to the welding line, such as sealing materials.
Secondly, have a good cooling system. Cooling system that related to the LED technology now is not very mature, and too much heat will cause the LED lighting direct damage to the internal components, resulting in LED lighting failure.  anty881209wong 140409